Vietnam is a fascinating country that embodies for many travellers a concentration of the best of Asia: delicious gastronomy, world Heritage cultural sites, breathtaking sceneries, white sandy beaches, and a welcoming population. From the Red River to the Mekong Delta, from the terraced rice fields to Halong Bay, from historic sites to the ultra-dynamic metropolis, Vietnam surprises by its multiple facets.

With Atypique Vietnam, every traveller, whatever his/her age, will find in Vietnam an experience to his/her taste: trekking, local immersion, cultural visits, bike rides, handicrafts, etc.  One thing is sure, we will create together unforgettable holidays, where a change of scenery will be the keyword of your stay!

The little happiness of Vietnam

Eat with chopsticks, and become an expert by the end of your stay
Strolling through the streets of Hanoi's old district
Hiking in the terraced rice fields of the north of the country
Wearing the conical hat: trying it is adopting it
Watching the sunset over Halong Bay
Learn how to prepare spring rolls
Sailing on the Mekong Delta, between rice paddies and coconut trees
Exchanging many smiles with the Vietnamese people

Our jewels

We are not just a travel agency. The goal of Atypique Vietnam is to provide you with opportunities to have unforgettable holidays, and for this purpose, we implore you to punctuate your journey with atypical activities! In all parts of Vietnam, we have many jewels to share with you: surprising, exotic, and different experiences.

Whether it’s spending a day as a rice farmer, flying over Halong Bay in a seaplane, or boarding a traditional boat, there are so many experiences off the beaten track that will please young and old alike. So, ready to create some magical memories?

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Vietnam viewed by ATYPIQUE

Vietnam is a huge country, long and narrow, whose shape is reminiscent of a dragon. There are as many possible tours as there are travellers. Faced with this multiplicity, it is tempting to want to do as much as possible but you will quickly realize that the stay will be very intense and exhausting. You will finally get the opposite effect of what you were looking for: you will fly over the country, spend a lot of time in transit, and not enjoy the richness of Vietnam.

At Atypique Vietnam, we believe that the first trip to Vietnam should focus on one or two regions only and privilege the qualitative over the quantitative. This way you can really immerse yourself in the places you visit, exchange with the local population, and stroll through extraordinary landscapes. We encourage you not only to visit Vietnam but to experience it, and take the time to anchor yourself in the culture and traditions of the country.

An Atypique trip to Vietnam is also a trip where accommodation is an integral part of the tour. For this reason, we have selected some beautiful experiences for you. To vary the pleasures, we will propose you alternate nights in local houses, charming hotels, ecolodges, or traditional houses, but always with one common point: the quality and the change of scenery.