An archipelago of islets and atolls worthy of the most beautiful postcards, the Maldives is a paradise for newlyweds but also a tropical destination that will delight couples and families. Turquoise lagoons, a sea of oil, multicoloured fish, fine sandy beaches, and coconut palms are all part of the dream setting that you can enjoy during your stay in the Maldives. A real enchantment for an interlude that you will find hard to close!

Atypique Voyages offers you the chance to extend your stay in Sri Lanka with a heavenly getaway in the Maldives. One journey, two experiences but always a common point: beautiful discoveries and unforgettable memories!

The little joys of the Maldives

Sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset
Swimming among hundreds of multicoloured fish
Observing corals with your mask and snorkel
Waking up to the sound of the waves
Enjoying a massage with a view of the Indian Ocean
Admiring the beach, the ocean, and the coconut palms without getting bored
Doing nothing but relaxing
Reading a good book in the shade of a parasol

The Maldives viewed by ATYPIQUE

The Maldives will plunge you into a postcard setting that is very difficult to leave. At Atypique Voyages, we propose that you spend a few days of pure happiness and relaxation after having crisscrossed Sri Lanka and discovered its cultural and natural richness. During your escapade in the Maldives, your only concern will be to choose between sunbathing and discovering the magnificent seabed! Sometimes you will just have to go a few meters with your mask and your snorkel to admire a multitude of multi-coloured fish as well as manta rays or sharks. For scuba diving enthusiasts, it is essential to discover the exceptional underwater fauna and flora of the Maldives and why not do so by embarking on a diving cruise?

Vary the pleasures and enjoy two experiences in one trip, always with a common point: the quality and the change of scenery.