Dubai and Abu Dhabi, once a simple arid desert populated by Bedouins, are today megacities
overflowing with energy, where extravagance and bling reign. But beyond this image, the United Arab Emirates is a land of contrasts where past, present, and future coexist. Let yourself be surprised by the Emirates whose history and culture are rich and captivating.

With Atypique Voyages, take advantage of the inescapable stopover on the way to Sri Lanka to immerse yourself in this fascinating universe at the crossroads of East and West. One journey, two experiences but always one thing in common: beautiful discoveries and unforgettable memories!

The little joys of the Emirates

Taste a gahuwa, the traditional Bedouin coffee with cardamom and saffron
Enjoy the silence of the desert
Wander through a souk with intoxicating smells
Climb up and admire the sunset from the top of a tower
Enjoy the darkness of the desert to watch the stars
Snack delicious dates in all their forms at any time of the day
Paddle in the crystal clear waters of the Musandam Peninsula
Meet Arabian camels, the legendary animals of the region

Our jewels

We are not just a travel agency. The goal of Atypique Voyages is to provide you with opportunities to have unforgettable holidays, and for this purpose, we implore you to punctuate your stay in the Emirates with atypical activities! Cuddling a camel in the desert of Dubai, spending a night in the palace from One Thousand and One Nights, or sailing on the crystal clear waters of the Musandam Peninsula in Oman… there are so many activities off the beaten track that will please young and old alike! So, ready to create some magical memories?

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Emirates viewed by ATYPIQUE

The United Arab Emirates immerse their visitors into a fascinating universe, where a past worthy of a thousand and one nights and a flamboyant ultra-modernity are juxtaposed. At Atypique Voyages, we encourage you to take advantage of the stopover of your flight to Sri Lanka, and multiply your experiences by linking your discovery of the pearl of the Indian Ocean with a stopover in the heart of the desert. We have thus selected some beautiful experiences for you: strolling in the alleys of Old Dubai, cruising on the crystalline waters of the fjords of Oman, discovering the brand new Louvre of Abu Dhabi, immersing yourself in the modern architecture of the Dubai skyline, a Bedouin breakfast in the middle of the desert, or an atypical and authentic encounter with the camels.

Vary the pleasures and enjoy two experiences in a single trip, always with one thing in common: the quality and the change of scenery.