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Beyond the major tourist sites, we discovered many regions unknown to the public, regions where one can still experience the emotion of the first encounter between two worlds. Villages where the visitor is welcomed with kindness, invited to have tea or share a meal at a wedding.
Our agency KST Tours strives to offer tours to those who are looking for an individual trip with a private vehicle. We offer tailor-made trips that correspond to the desires of our customers.

Living on the spot for 7 years, and having visited more than 500 accommodations to select only the best, having travelled more than 250 000 kms to find authentic places beyond the unavoidable, multiplied the encounters, we think we are among those who will be able to answer most of your questions with sincerity and competence. Our watchword is “Pleasure”: we take pleasure in discovering more and more of this region of South India and its culture every day and in sharing these discoveries so that this pleasure becomes yours!

Any traveller who takes the time to immerse himself in the country will feel the difference in identity and culture between that of the Hindus of Tamil Nadu and the culture specific to the mixed people of Kerala, where all religions have lived side by side since their existence. South India offers a great variety of landscapes from East to West, from semi-arid areas where cacti dominate to lush forests and the beautiful mountains reaching 2600 m in altitude in Kerala.
The regional cuisine in South India offers a wide range of flavours, from the vegetarian dishes of Tamil Nadu to the multiple combinations of beef, mutton, duck, chicken or fish in Kerala.
South India offers a historical heritage spanning 1300 years of history, with a wide variety of architecture that each dynasty has strived to bring to its peak, offering visitors a wide variety of architecture.

We are a small team of 9 people plus about 30 regular drivers. We work directly with hotels, drivers, local guides, etc. and only offer what we know. For this reason, we only offer trips to the southern states: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka plus Mumbai.