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Our History

It is in 2012 that Atypique Lanka, a travel agency is created by Chamika, who grew up in France and wanted to return to Sri Lanka where he was born 30 years earlier. After a career in international trade in France and then in the Middle East, he had a deep desire to set up a project beneficial to his country of origin.


In 2013, Marjorie, a French lady with a passion for life elsewhere, joined him in this adventure. Her heart had led her towards sustainable development and international solidarity and after her higher education in Paris then in Australia and many trips in Asia, she finally settles down in Colombo.

The first concept of Atypique Lanka is to make people discover the island of Sri Lanka in an atypical way through unique and playful experiences, adventures off the beaten track but above all, moments of sharing with the local population.

Seven years later and rich with strong expertise, Chamika and Marjorie decide to develop and try a new adventure elsewhere. It is in Vietnam, in Hanoi, that Anaïs settles down and takes up the challenge to open Atypique Vietnam. After two years at Atypique Lanka as a manager, Anais is imbued with the “Atypique” spirit and knows exactly how to create tailor-made stays and make people discover a Vietnam that is authentic and off the beaten track.

In 2020, Atypique Voyages is launched, bringing together Atypique Lanka and Atypique Vietnam but also offering stopovers in the Emirates and escapades in the Maldives. A new name but with always the same actors and the same objective: to make you discover a country differently, thanks to authentic experiences and human encounters that will leave you with precious memories.


At the same time, Marjorie and Chamika launched the Atypique Foundation, a project that has been close to their hearts for a long time and whose goal is to support important causes such as the emancipation of women or the protection of nature.


In the desire to promote another form of travel that respects people, their cultures and their environments, Atypique Voyages has now the objective of developing more and more experiences of solidarity tourism and eco-volunteering.