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Our conception of travel

Travelling according to Atypique: A Global Experience

At Atypique Voyages, we believe that travelling is a global experience, a special moment of discovering a new culture but also yourself. Immerse yourself in the country rather than crossing it, experience its culture and its traditions rather than just observing them, this is how we wish to make you travel. Thus, you will be able to take your time to visit, stroll and admire the landscape and also exchange, manly smiles, with the local population.

All our trips are bespoke based on sharing and encounters hence why we do not have any pre-made tours on our website. Your holiday will be unique and we would customise your trip with your input including your desires, your interests and your budget. No middleman, just you and us!

Our treasures: strong experiences for a unique journey

At Atypique Voyages, our goal is to make your holiday unforgettable. For that purpose, we have created for you a selection of high-quality atypical activities that we have called “our treasures”. Tested and approved, these surprising, exotic and different experiences will punctuate your stay and leave you with lasting memories.

In Vietnam, Dubai or Sri Lanka, our travel designers will be able to offer you the treasures suited for you. Trust us and let us surprise you!

Accommodation is a key focus for us and we have put all our expertise in the field into offering you an eclectic selection of places which ranges from spending the night with the locals in a small traditional house to luxurious boutique hotels, including treehouses, planters’ bungalows or even ecolodges.

A team on the spot, expert in the destination

At Atypique Voyages, we believe that travelling is a global experience which begins with the planning of the trips and ends long after you return home. Our travel designers will be your main contacts and will guide you throughout the process. They will, of course, organise your trip by always keeping an attentive ear and sharing with you all their discoveries.

All our travel designers are experts of their destination. French, Vietnamese or Sri Lankan, they are all French-speaking and live on site. They share a common passion which consists of introducing you to their country that they love exploring, always looking to find new gems.

In addition to their initial training, our travel designers regularly go on field trips to explore and find new treasures.

Travelling with respect for people, their cultures and their environments

At Atypique Voyages, we make it a point of honour to promote solidarity tourism, respectful of the host country and its population. We are committed to engage in tourism which benefits everyone for a more enriching experience.

Our sustainability policy aims to minimise all the negative effects on the natural and social environment. We encourage and support all our partners to achieve greater durability. It is close to our hearts to raise awareness among our travellers about sustainable development issues. In order to transform words into actions we have developed four main points:

  • Creation of authentic activities enriching for the traveller and creating additional income for the families concerned.
  • Setting up volunteering activities for those who would like to give some of their time during their holiday for a good cause
  • Creation of the Atypical Foundation which allows us to donate part of our profits to causes that are close to our hearts, namely the emancipation of women and the protection of the environment.
  • Respecting ethical and fair rules in our relationships with our employees , and our drivers and guides who are full members of the Atypique family and without whom your trips would not be the same.