Mui Ne

On the shores of the China Sea, Mui Ne in Vietnam is a seaside resort located in the South-East of the country which reserves beautiful surprises for travellers. The nearest town is Phan Tiet. With its long beaches, Mui Ne is the ideal place to relax in a beautiful setting, sip a cocktail to the rhythm of the waves or admire a romantic sunset. It is also one of the most beautiful kitesurfing spots in Southeast Asia. In addition to its beaches, Mui Ne is also a pretty fishing village: this is the perfect opportunity to meet the locals and exchange with them about their activity and fishing techniques. It is very pleasant to walk around the town, stroll through its narrow streets, visit a market and see the fish drying in the sun.

It is possible to visit Mui Ne in Vietnam all year round since its climate is pleasant and it rarely rains, this is one of the driest regions in Vietnam. For kitesurfers, the windiest period is between November and March.

The beach of Mui Ne in Vietnam is a real paradise for lovers of water sports such as surfing and kite surfing. During the windy season, surfers make the sea their playground, a nice show for travellers. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, it is one of the most famous kite surfing spots in Southeast Asia and is the top destination in Vietnam. So, are you ready to surf the waves off the Vietnamese coast?

Another attraction of Mui Ne is its “Fairy Stream” which is only a few minutes from the beaches. This is a river that you can walk up on foot. The walk starts in the heart of the jungle and ends at the foot of a waterfall bordered by a red canyon. Along the river, you will admire beautiful landscapes and will be able to take a thirst-quenching break at the stands where the locals offer coconuts to drink, a cool drink to be enjoyed with your feet in the water.

Mui Ne in Vietnam is famous for its huge surrounding dunes, there are two deserts of dunes. The white dunes are about 30 km from Mui Ne and can be explored on foot, by jeep or quad bike. Bordered by a blue lake, these are the most impressive dunes and will offer travellers a nice view of the surrounding area. The other desert that is closer to the resort is the red dunes with its orange-coloured sand. They are natural wonders that resemble a small Sahara and will offer you a guaranteed change of scenery in Vietnam. This is the ideal time to try an original and fun activity: sand sledge. What better way than to end a beautiful day in Vietnam with a sunset in the middle of the dunes?

If you are interested in exploring the treasures hidden in the Mui Ne region of Vietnam, talk to your Travel Designer in charge of designing your customized tour in Vietnam.