Phong nha

The National Park of Phong Nha Ke Bang is located in central Vietnam in Quang Binh Province, several hundred kilometres south of Hanoi and two hundred kilometres north of Hue. It is one of the most popular destinations for travellers. An immersion in the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is perfect for those seeking adventure in an environment where nature reigns. This national park is located in the heart of an immense limestone area that covers its total surface area between the territories of Vietnam and Laos. The park abounds with several hundred caves including Hang Son Doong which is the largest in the world.

The best season to explore the treasures of Phong Nha National Park is between January and July. During this period there will be less rainfall. Temperatures will be very hot from April onwards.
Phong Nha National Park is nicknamed “the kingdom of caves and caverns” because of its large number of natural cavities.  Indeed, more than three hundred caves have been identified within the park.  They extend over tens of kilometres.  However, only about twenty caves have been explored today.

Among the many caves is Hang Son Doon Cave, which was fully explored and measured for the first time in 2009 by British researchers.  It turns out to be the largest in the world.  Its underground gallery could house one of the largest aircraft and has its own jungle and also a river.  This is the time to contemplate a unique fauna and flora.   It is possible to visit this cave but it requires a certain physical condition.  The visit lasts several days and nights.

Another cave worth a visit is the cave of paradise. It is one of the most beautiful in this Vietnamese national park. This cave is famous for its inner beauty, which is why it is called Paradise Cave. Inside, so many stalagmites and stalactites impress by their size as well as by their various shapes and colours. You have to cross part of the surrounding jungle in order to reach the entrance to the cave of paradise.


The Phong Nha cave also deserves our attention. It is more easily accessible than the other caves due to its location near the admiring centre of the national park where many restaurants and hotels are located. To reach Phong Nha Cave, you have to cross the underground river in a small boat. Part of the cave is “dry” and can be visited on foot.

If you wish to discover all the wonders hidden inside this park with its rich biodiversity, Atypique Vietnam offers you to go for a jungle trek including an unusual night in the fourth largest cave in the world, the Cave of Hang Pigmy.

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