Delta du Mekong

Located in the south of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is part of one of the world’s largest rivers, the Mekong, which originates in the majestic Himalayan mountain range and flows into the China Sea off the east coast of Vietnam. In addition to crossing part of Vietnamese territory, the Mekong delta also irrigates other Asian countries such as Laos, China, Cambodia and Burma. Visiting the Mekong Delta in Vietnam means finding yourself in the heart of a maze of marshes, rivers and small islands. Between rice fields as far as the eye can see, immense plains of coconut palms and orchards, the landscapes of the Mekong Delta region are luxuriant. Along the rivers are numerous villages inhabited by a welcoming population whose warm welcome and smiles are never forgotten. The delta is also famous for its numerous floating markets, an ideal place to meet the locals and discover a Vietnamese tradition. The boat is the most convenient and most used means of transport in the Mekong Delta region, so do not hesitate to take a river trip on board a traditional boat to explore all its treasures. The main towns in the region are Can Tho, Chau Doc and My Tho.

The best time to visit the Mekong Delta is the dry season which is between December and May. Travelers can also enjoy coming during the traditional Tet festival, the Vietnamese New Year. It will be an opportunity to discover a typical festival alongside the villagers.


The Mekong Delta is of great benefit to local trade. More than a third of Vietnam’s food production passes through the canals of the Mekong Delta, including floating markets. A real must-see in the region, these markets with a thousand colors animate the rivers from sunrise. This is the time of the day when boats turn into stalls carrying all types of food products and mainly agricultural products. The best known floating markets are those in Can Tho province, especially the Cai Rang market.

Visiting the Mekong Delta also means discovering its many orchards. Between the months of May and August, the orchards abound with tropical fruits such as mangoes, guavas and rambutans: a real festival of flavors and colors. Pick the fruits in the orchards and taste them in the middle of an incredible natural setting, a real treat for travelers.

In the heart of this Vietnamese region, there are various natural sites that allow you to change your scenery while admiring the diversity of the fauna and flora. For bird-watching lovers, you can visit a bird garden that is home to many species. The Tra Su Cajeput Forest is worth a visit for travelers who like to immerse themselves in nature. Tram Chim National Park is teeming with many plant and animal species, mainly water birds that live in one of Vietnam’s eight most important national parks.

Like all Vietnamese regions, the Mekong Delta region has its own culinary specialities based on fruits, vegetables and fish. Typical dishes are rice noodle soup with fresh fish, fragrant rice, rice field crab fondue or catfish soup. Original dishes that will delight the taste buds of travelers.

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