Take to the skies and set off to meet the majestic whales of Sri Lanka from a helicopter! An atypical and memorable way to rub shoulders with these giants of the seas without disturbing them. Whether you are a couple, with friends or with a family with teenagers, this activity is for lovers of marine mammals who wish to admire whales and dolphins while respecting their well-being.


After a short safety briefing, you will board a helicopter and set off to meet the whales of Sri Lanka. From December to April you will be able to admire the famous cetaceans that migrate along the Sri Lankan coast between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

Splendid aerial views will quickly be offered to you as you get higher and higher. Keep your eyes wide open in search of the sea giant you are about to observe, but also the dolphins that often find their wake!

Watching whales from a helicopter in Sri Lanka is a good alternative to the often criticized whale-watching at sea, which can be similar to hunting in some cases. From the air, you will have no negative impact on the animals and can simply enjoy the moment to observe them evolve in their natural habitat.

Indeed, even if the noise of a helicopter propeller engine is much more important than that of a boat engine, its acoustic footprint is almost negligible according to specialists. Moreover, in order not to disturb the whales with noise, regulations and minimum distances are respected.

Thanks to the aerial observation you will get a better impression of the scale of the habitat of these marine mammals. You will also cover a larger territory which will allow you to observe more specimens.

On top of that, this unique experience in Sri Lanka will end with a flight over the magnificent coastline that stretches between Galle and Unawatuna with the UNESCO World Heritage site of Galle Fort in the distance.

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Sri Lanka is only the fifth country in the world to offer the possibility of whale watching from a helicopter. Until now, this activity was only possible in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. All the more reason to make your first helicopter flight in Sri Lanka!


Get a little higher
See Sri Lanka from another angle.
See dolphins and whales differently in Sri Lanka.
Feel very small in front of the immensity of these cetaceans.
Admire the beauty of the southwest coast of Sri Lanka from the air.