Sri Lanka

The mere evocation of Ceylon, the ancient name of Sri Lanka, brings out in our imagination a colourful mosaic of tea plantations as far as the eye can see, imposing Buddha statues, fine sandy beaches, and majestic elephants.

With Atypique Lanka, every traveller, regardless of their age, will find in Sri Lanka an experience to their liking: impressive cultural sites, a safari in the national park, trekking in tea plantations, meeting elephants, swimming in the Indian Ocean, etc. One thing is sure, we will create together an unforgettable holiday, where a change of scenery will be the keyword of your stay!

The little joys of Sri Lanka

Taking a tuk-tuk ride
Enjoying a cup of tea in the middle of the plantations
Eating rice & curry with your fingers as Sri Lankans do
Waking up to the sound of the ocean
Watching elephants roam free in a national park
Watching the sunset from the ramparts of the Galle Fort
Exchanging many smiles with the locals.
Nodding your head by the end of your stay, which impossible to avoid!

Our jewels

We are not just a travel agency. The goal of Atypique Lanka is to provide you with opportunities to have unforgettable holidays, and for this purpose, we implore you to punctuate your journey with atypical activities! Riding on the roads of Sri Lanka in Royal Enfield, discovering the tea plantations in a tuk-tuk, learning meditation with a Buddhist monk, Gem hunting for the famous sapphires of Ceylon, diving into a wreck in Colombo, or flying in a hot-air balloon over the wonders of the Cultural Triangle .so many activities off the beaten track that will please both young and old! So,are you ready to create some magical memories?

Sri Lanka According to ATYPIQUE

Travelling to Sri Lanka means arriving in the heart of the Indian Ocean and discovering a concentration of Asia. Ancient cities, majestic sites, Buddhist temples, national parks, tea plantations or sandy beaches will dazzle you throughout your trip.

At Atypique Lanka, we believe that travelling is an experience, and that it is important to immerse yourself in the country rather than crossing it. We offer you moments of exchange and sharing with the locals but also unique experiences, our treasures that we will share with you in confidence.

An Atypique Trip to Sri Lanka is also a journey during which accommodation is an integral part of the tour. Therefore, we have carefully curated some beautiful experiences for you. To vary the pleasures we suggest you alternate between ecolodges, overnight stays at the local’s house, treehouses, tea planters bungalows, colonial houses, or villas, but always with one thing in common: point: quality and change of scenery.