Take advantage of your stay in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, to observe the awakening of wildlife. At sunrise, let yourself embark for a peaceful moment on the Pottuvil lagoon in Sri Lanka.

Take advantage of your stay in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, to observe the awakening of wildlife. At sunrise, let yourself embark for a peaceful moment on the Pottuvil lagoon in Sri Lanka.

Arugam Bay, located on the east coast of Sri Lanka, is best known for its beaches and surfing spots for both beginners and experienced surfers. But this little corner of paradise also offers many other activities to be discovered in all simplicity. The boat trip on the Pottuvil lagoon is one of the beautiful activities not to be missed if you are passing through Arugam Bay.


You will wake up at dawn to enjoy your boat trip in the Arugam Bay area of Sri Lanka. Once you arrive on the shores of the Pottuvil lagoon, your experienced guide and two fishermen will welcome you. They will accompany you throughout this activity in Sri Lanka and give you valuable information about the area. Binoculars in hand and life jackets on your back you will go out to observe the wild flora and fauna  of the lagoon accompanied by your guide. You will sail on an atypical boat, a kind of platform canoe big enough to float peacefully on the Pottuvil lagoon in Sri Lanka.

Let’s go for a few hours’ walk! At sunrise, you will sail on a flat water, which reflects the thousand and one orange colours of the sunrise, not a sound except for the lapping of the waves generated by the movements of the fishermen oars steering the boat.  Almost alone on the water, you will certainly come across a few fishermen on their dugout canoes setting up their fishing nets for their daily catch.

The more the day rises, the more nature awakens. You will continue to move forward, this time to the rhythm of birds‘ songs, the colours change, the mangrove swamps turn green and the fauna starts to get restless little by little. Herons, eagles, lizards, ravens, kingfishers, and the show begins. Binoculars in hand, your guide will give you explanations about the birds that fly over the lagoon and that surround you. With a bit of luck, you will be able to observe elephants having their breakfast peacefully on the mainland near the lagoon. Fishes are also getting restless and will jump in front of you as you move along the Pottuvil lagoon.  A beautiful spectacle is offered to you, take it full your eyes!

Once you reach the end of the lagoon, you’ll go down to a beach. Keep your eyes open, you can observe new animals such as monitor lizards. You will walk a few meters before climbing on the rocks to gain height and observe from above the connection between ocean and lagoon.

Only the sandy beach separates these two streams, one more turbulent than the other, on one side the peaceful lagoon and on the other the ocean and its surfing waves. It is the perfect time to meditate, take souvenir photos or simply enjoy this awakening of nature at the other end of the world, in Sri Lanka!

Your guide will offer you to drink tea in a shed near the water. After drinking the traditional Sri Lankan tea, you will leave on your boat. At the sun rise, the landscapes seem different and the journey is changing. After this pure moment of relaxation, you will be back on land and reboot for new adventures!

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We advise you to get up at dawn to enjoy all the magic of the sunrise on the lake. It is the perfect time to observe as many animals as possible in their natural habitat surrounded by the beautiful colours of the morning light.


Meet local fishermen and sharing an authentic moment in their company.
Admire the sunrise in an idyllic setting.
Feel privileged in front of so much serenity.
Observe the wildlife of Sri Lanka and learn a lot from your experienced guide.
Take your time and take a break between two surfing sessions.