Dive off the coast of Colombo to discover an impressive shipwreck and admire the underwater fauna that has taken up residence there!

Whether you are an experienced diver or you want to make the most of your stay to make your baptism of diving in Sri Lanka, we will be able to offer you a dive adapted to your wishes and your level.

With more than fifteen wrecks of various sizes, ages and depths, the waters off Colombo are an ideal place for diving but still remain relatively confidential. All the more reason to enjoy it as you can be sure that you will not meet other groups of divers on the wreck you will visit!


Where some see only old carcasses that are rusting on the ocean floor, be amazed by one of the many wrecks that lie off the coast of the Sri Lankan capital. Wreck diving offers the fascinating spectacle of sunken objects that over time become living reefs and refuges for many species. Indeed, nature takes back its rights and the wrecks become rich and fascinating ecosystems for divers of all levels.

After twenty-five minutes by boat, you will reach the site of diving. For a while by then, you notice the top of the boat sticking out of the surface and you feel a mixture of apprehension and excitement! But your experienced French-speaking guide is there to reassure you and it is now time to throw yourself into the water for a memorable wreck dive that will offer you some great discoveries!

Twenty-four metres deep on a sandy bottom lies the Thermopylae Sierra, a huge Cypriot bulk carrier (a type of cargo ship) 155 metres long. You will be able to observe a multitude of small multicoloured fish but also barracudas, tuna, octopus, moray eels and rays. A suspended moment that you will remember for a long time!

With its bridge located only seven metres below the sea, the Thermopylae Sierra is accessible for first-time dives and Open Water courses, but it will also delight the experienced divers who will be able to set off on a thorough exploration of this giant of the seas. If this is your case, you will be able to explore areas that are usually inaccessible on a working ship, such as the bridge or the holds.

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If you want to increase your divings in Sri Lanka, you should know that among the other wrecks lying off Colombo, there are warships, some dating back to the First World War and others more recent. All of these wrecks form artificial reefs colonized by beautiful corals which in turn attract many schools of fish and other sea creatures. This activity in Sri Lanka is supervised by our partner PADI dive centre and will not fail to leave you with an impression of calm and plenitude.


Feel privileged to be able to dive alone on this fascinating cargo ship engulfed by the ocean.
Observe the fish and underwater fauna that have taken advantage of the hospitality of the place to settle down.
Stroll through the maze of corridors if you are an experienced diver and imagine the life of the ship while it was still floating.
Enjoy the unique feeling of weightlessness offered by scuba diving.
Be accompanied by an experienced and French-speaking guide for a dive in complete confidence.