Experience Ayurveda by spending a relaxing moment in the heart of one of Sri Lanka's most beautiful Ayurvedic centers: the heights of Kandy, the island's spiritual and religious capital. Surrounded by professionals, you will discover the benefits of Sri Lanka’s traditional ancient medicine, which is also a philosophy.

Whether you come alone or as a couple, this activity is for those who are looking for a moment of relaxation, while discovering Sri Lanka’s traditional medicine. This is a unique and ideal place designed to cut yourselves off from the world and regain certain spirituality.

What is Ayurveda in Sri Lanka?

More than an alternative medicine, it is above all a philosophy and a true art of living, bringing the well-being of body and mind to the heart of our life choices. Ayurveda is based on the fundamental theory of the three Doshas: Vata (air), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth and water), which are considered to be the three main vital forces of every human being. Each person is a unique blend of these doshas, which predisposes them to certain physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses, specific to their composition. When our dominant Dosha is in balance, it is a source of well-being, fulfillment, and harmony. When it is unbalanced, it causes ill-being, excessive behaviour, and physical problems.


The experience begins well before passing through the gates of this Ayurvedic centre in Sri Lanka: you leave the hustle and bustle of Kandy to join a pretty wooded road, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Locals cross your path, becoming fewer and fewer as you move further. As you approach the centre, you can hear the discreet sound of the river running alongside the property.

Along the roadside: a massive Kandyan-style door. This is  the entrance, where you are warmly welcomed by the owner and  taken to your room inside an old building overlooking the river. The room, decorated with antique objects, is full of charm. It is extended by a large patio, simple and uncluttered, where a pretty hammock awaits you, ideal for reading. Below, small stairs lead to the river. Armed with a bathing suit and a towel, you can be in the tumultuous waters of the Hulu Ganga river in a few minutes.

On the agenda for the day: no need to do anything, you can enjoy everything at your own pace! Various activities are available to you: swimming in the river, walking around, and taking a nap in the shade of the patio. For the sportier, a nice hike among the tea plantations is possible on the nearby hill. For yogis of all levels, Yumi, the owner’s Japanese wife, holds Hatha yoga sessions in a “shala,” which opens up to nature. After lunch, you will wander along the alleys of the centre. Authentic Kandyan art pieces and Sinhalese artifacts punctuate your path, making every corner a discovery.

In the late afternoon, it is time for your appointment with the Ayurvedic doctor at the centre. At the end of an interview, the doctor determines your doshic composition and sends a list of recommendations to your masseur. Then you join the intimate and atypical massage room, where you will receive a series of personalized treatments:

traditional massage, steam bath (steam treatment), flower bath, etc. You end the session with a Shirodasha (continuous pouring of a warm oil on the forehead). The fragrant oil spreads onto your skull, throughout your hair, and a deep feeling of lightness surrounds you.

At nightfall, you reach the restaurant from your room. A beautifully set table awaits you, illuminated by an oil lamp. The vegetarian dinner is mainly composed of organic and local products: manioc, grated coconut, egg curry, pumpkin, sambol, papaya, and guava. The rice is grown in one of the rice fields on the other side of the river and the water comes directly from a nearby mountain source. This is the end of a timeless day, full of exoticism and spirituality…

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The significance of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka is so great that the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine was created in 1980. This holistic vision is an integral part of the life of all Sri Lankans who apply its precepts on a daily basis, sometimes even without knowing it.


Being amazed when you arrive in this atypical place with its unique charm.
Immersing yourself in a Zen atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation.
Immersing your feet in the fresh waters of the river and reconnecting with the surrounding nature.
Discovering the benefits of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka.
Meeting with an Ayurvedic doctor who will establish your doshic composition.