Try your hand at fishing in Sri Lanka and spend a day in the wilderness on a beautiful lake.
In a heavenly setting and accessible to all, this activity will suit fishing enthusiasts as well as those who wish to spend a convivial moment with family or friends.

In the Moratuwa region of Sri Lanka, only one hour from the capital, is the Bolgoda lake, the largest lake of the island. In a mangrove landscape, you will be able to take your time while fishing to observe the local fauna. Cormorants, lizards and even crocodiles, as well as a multitude of birds, will be your distraction while waiting for the fish to bite the hook!


Your day will start early in the morning but it’s for a good cause; witnessing the awakening of nature is priceless and once on the lake you will be overwhelmed by a feeling of calm and serenity. No tourists, just you and the surrounding nature for a unique fishing experience in Sri Lanka!

Bolgoda Lake is the ideal place for freshwater fishing in Sri Lanka. Barramundis, red carp some of which reach 50cm, small trevallies or knife fish populate these waters and will make you happy all day long!

Around noon, when the sun is at its zenith and it starts to get very hot, you will reach a beautiful villa on the shores of the lake for a well-deserved lunch break. You will enjoy a delicious lunch prepared with market products and exchange with your experienced French-speaking guide about your common passion or the country more generally.

The opportunity for a beautiful meeting between fishermen!

You will then come back on board to continue your fishing day. At the end of the afternoon, when the heat starts to drop off, open your eyes wide, the monkeys love to jump from tree to tree and the show is fun! You might just as well cross paths with a crocodile.

You will then watch the sunset over this heavenly landscape to end this day of fishing in Sri Lanka in style.

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The practice of “catch and release” aims at not hurting, let alone killing, the fish you catch. Your guide will be there to accompany you in this process. The fish is thus considered as a partner in the game and everything is done so that it survives.


Enjoy the calm and live a day by the water.
Watch the sunset over the lake.
Discover the hidden curiosities of the Bolgoda Lake and especially the small temple, built on a rock in the middle of the lake!
Be accompanied by your passionate French-speaking guide, a real meeting between fishermen!
Practice your passion at the other end of the world.