Explore by bike one of the most impressive Sri Lankan cultural sites in a playful and atypical way with a guide specialised in the ancient royal capital who has created this tour just for you! A real journey through time between ruins, spectacular dagoba and Buddha statues.

Whether you are a couple, between friends or a family with teenagers, this activity speaks to lovers of cycling and those who enjoy discoveries off the beaten track.

Founded 5 centuries BC, the ancient site of anuradhapura was abandoned and disappeared under the jungle, until it was rediscovered by the English in 1817. The site will take you back to an era when this town was the most important in the country. The remains of this golden age are numbered in the thousands and scattered around a vast area. Your bike and the expertise of your guide will be your best friends to discover this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site.


Through history and spirituality, your bike journey will start by the temple and the Sri Maha Bodhi, a sacred tree considered as the oldest tree in Asia and venerated since more than 2000 years by the faithfulls. It is believed to have grown through a cutting of the tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment. You will witness the fervour of Sri Lankan pilgrims for whom the site of Anuradhapura is above all a holy place, the cradle of Sri Lankan Buddhism.

You will then carry on your bike ride through ruins and splendid dagoba to discover the history of this city. In front of these huge brick domes, you will imagine the reaction of the British explorers when they discovered these monuments hidden under the jungle! Anuradhapura is a vast site well suited to a bike visit and the path taken with your guide will allow you to avoid the most tourist areas and sometimes think that you are the only ones on site. A real luxury!

After a small break to refresh yourself and drink a thamibili, the drinkable coconut, you will get back on your bikes and continue the journey. You will ride towards the reservoirs that surround the town and you will realise the importance of the water in the history of this town and its influence. You will then go back to the starting point to finish this beautiful bike ride in Sri Lanka.

Atypique Lanka

The site of Anuradhapure is way more than just an archeological site, it is an important place of pilgrimage for the buddhist in Sri Lanka. You will come across numerous Sri Lankan dress in white who have come to pray around the Sri Maha Bodhi.


To witness the fervour of Sri Lankans around the SRi Maha Bodhi, the sacred tree.
To discover one of the most “important” sites of the cultural triangle in an atypical and enjoyable way.
Go back in time thanks to your passionate and thrilling guide.
To educate yourself while working out your calves!
Enjoy a well deserved stop to drink a King coconut, the orange coloured coconut, whose juice is delicious and very appreciated in Sri Lanka.