Share a unique and privileged moment meeting the Sri lankan elephants during the Millenium Elephant Foundation. Discover in complete privacy and with the respect of these pachyderms, their daily life and store long lasting memories!

Whether you are a couple, between friends or a family, this activity speaks to anyone who would like to interact with this mythical animal of Sri Lanka while being respectful and mindful of its well-being.

The Millennium Elephant Foundation offers to the domestic elephant a place where they can rest, regain their health and socialise with their peers. Created in 1999 with the help of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), the foundation aims to take care of Sri Lankan distress elephants and to promote a better treatment of them. They achieve this through awareness programs for farmers in the region of Habarana.


Once you arrive, you will be able to watch the elephants’ bath time in the river. You will directly join the colonial house, in the heart of the foundation, where you will be served a traditional lunch. Once satiated, it’s time for the Elephant Walk Experience, a unique experience which will allow you to interact with the animal in an ethical and educational way, in the respect of its well-being.


During your stroll in the park of the foundation, you will be able to walk alongside the elephant and observe them interact with their environment. You can feed, touch, wash them in the river and you will only feel humbled in front of such a majestic animal.

Early in the morning, a special experience in Sri Lanka awaits you:you will have the privilege to go with an elephant and his guardian for a walk around the rice fields. Could you imagine a more beautiful way of starting your day? Basking in the morning sunshine, the rice fields alone offer the most pleasant show. However, the observation of the elephant is even more fascinating. It seems to really appreciate the time spent on this walk, and we can watch it looking for food and share moments of complicity with his guardian. Both seem really happy and we have to admit that this happiness is contagious.


After an hour of walking, you will head back to the foundation to prepare and give the elephant its vitamins if needed, the necessary care led by the guardian. You will share a last moment of complicity with the elephant by giving it a bath in the river, then it will be time to say your goodbyes

Before continuing your journey, you will visit Maximus, a factory making recycled paper from elephant dung. Picked up and boiled for 24 hrs before being washed and disinfected, the dung is transformed into paper paste that is dried and pressed. A visit as surprising as it is informative!

Atypique Lanka

Everyday, the elephant consumes on average 250 kg of food. With 50kg of daily droppings, an adult elephant can potentially allow the production of around 120 sheets of papers! The Millenium Elephant Foundation welcomes 8 elephants on average, so you can do the maths.


Take part in a program which aims to replace the elephant rides with an experience respectful of the animal.
Watch the elephants during a morning walk and engrave these images in your memory.
Give a bath to an elephant and scrub them with coconut barks.
Live a unique moment, a real life encounter with Sri Lankan elephants.
Learn more about an unusual way to fight deforestation.