Backgroung and explanation of the project

Since the end of the civil war in 2009 and despite the country’s dynamic economy, women’s participation in the labour force has declined, making Sri Lanka the 14th country in the world with the highest gender gap in labour force participation rates.

Today, in Colombo, women are increasingly active and empowered, but this is not the case in every city on the island. This is why the Atypique Foundation wanted to support the project of Puvini, a young 23-year-old Sri Lankan triathlete who qualified for the Iron Man 70.3 world championships but who did not have the means to pursue her dream and fly to Nice.



What is the Iron Man 70.3?

An Iron Man 70.3 is a multi-disciplinary race alternating swimming, running and cycling. With a total distance of 113 km, the Iron Man consists of a 1.9 km swim, 90 km of cycling and a half marathon (21 km of running).



Puvini’s participation in that kind of international events is a way for her to promote the role of women in Sri Lanka’s sports scene. Besides, outside of her training, Puvini combines her passion for sport and active life, since she works as a sportswear designer in a Sri Lankan company.  A beautiful image of a confident, independent and emancipated Sri Lankan woman.

Objective of the project

After competing at the Iron Man in Colombo in February 2019, Puvini was qualified for the Iron Man 70.3 World Championships in Nice on September 7, 2019. A double success for the Sri Lankan triathlete.

A personal success first of all because Puvini managed not only to finish her first Iron Man 70.3 but also to qualify for the world championships, a feat for a beginner like her! It is also a societal success as it proves that Sri Lankan women can also do sport, be independent and autonomous.

The preparation for the Iron Man is the result of several months of training. For this, Puvini was accompanied by members of the Triathlon Club of Colombo (TCC) who helped her on 2 levels:

-Logistically: coached by Denis, Puvini followed a strict training schedule.

-Technically: the members of the TCC mobilized their knowledge and skills to provide him with the necessary equipment to train and compete in the Iron Man (bike, specific equipment, swimming, running and cycling equipment, etc.).

As you will have understood, it is a strict and daily training that Puvini follows with rigour!

The project

The Atypique Fundation chose to help Puvini financially to enable her to have a quality sports equipment up to the project. A form of sponsor that allows Puvini to help her in the purchase of sports materials and equipment but also to help it finance the different administrative formalities such as registration, the trip to Nice, etc.

A sponsor who will cross the borders, since it will travel to Nice, thus accompanying Puvini on his race. Indeed, we found the Atypique Lanka logo on her race t-shirt!