Take advantage of your stay in Sri Lanka to share your skills and share them with those who need them most. We will propose tailor-made programs taking into account the populations concerned and what you can bring to them.

Intervene in your professional field (health, business, computer science…) or share your passion (photography classes, sports classes, art and craft…) and live intense and unforgettable moments of exchange!

The Foundation of Goodness is a non-profit NGO registered in Sri Lanka and the USA. Kushil Gunasekera established it in 1999 in order to provide essential services to his village of Seenigama.

Since then, the Foundation has been working with a committed team based in Seenigama and Colombo, in collaboration with villagers and donors to improve the lives of people in rural communities in Sri Lanka.

The mission of FOG is to create a sustainable community model designed to empower underprivileged communities of Sri Lanka.

The Foundation gives particular priority to creating an environment that will provide educational possibilities for underprivileged rural children and youth.

Some references:

Before the tsunami: 1999-2004

It offered classes in English and Computer Ccience, sports for children from the village, improvements to village houses (including water supply, purification, and electricity), and a simple medical clinic.

The reconstruction 2005-2007

When the Tsunami struck in 2004, Kushil gave to the village what remained of his house and garden, first creating an emergency centre and then, with the sponsorship of the Marylebone Cricket Club, developing the MCC Centre of Excellence.

Post-tsunami, international funding provided facilities and possibilities that were free of charge, which benefitted about 20 000 villagers in 25 villages.

Community development from 2007

As most of the activities following the tsunami came to an end, the importance was given to the long-term sustainability of the model initially envisioned at the creation of the Foundation in 1999.

Other than improving the lives of rural communities, a particular focus is on the education of children through the implementation of preschool classes, information technology (IT), English, and an important sports program in Seenigama.

In parallel, learning programs for adults include training in Computer Science, business management, and English lessons. For women, there are lessons in  sewing (industrial or domestic) and cookery, in order to enable them to meet the needs of their family and, in other cases, to set up businesses.

At the same time, medical and dental treatment programs were also implemented to take care of patients and develop  preventive healthcare programs