At the gates of the Dubai desert, go and meet the emblematic animal of the Emirates, the camel!
As a couple, with friends or with family having young children, this activity is for those who do not want to miss this must-see of Dubai but who are looking for authenticity.

A memorable and instructive half-day at the heart of an educational farm designed to make you discover and love this legendary animal and focusing on animal welfare. An authentic activity to do in Dubai for young and old!


After half an hour’s drive from cosmopolitan Dubai, you will arrive at the gates of the desert. Radical change of scenery, sand as far as the eyes can see and a warm welcome by your French-speaking hostess; everything is done to make you feel good! Under a traditional Bedouin tent, you will start with a good glass of camel milk and exchange with the owner of the place who is passionate about camelids.

During this visit, you will learn all about this animal which is intrinsically linked to the Bedouin culture because of its indispensable role in the survival of man in the desert.

You will then take a camel ride in the desert. It is a must in Dubai but you will feel privileged to be able to share this moment with the animal in such a serene and respectful environment.

Far away from the sites meant for tourists that are popping up here and there…

And to continue your atypical discovery of this unmissable animal in Dubai, an unusual activity awaits you: cuddle therapy! Accustomed to cuddling, the camels will come and rub their necks against you to receive caresses in return. It’s hard to imagine that such robust animals can indulge in such demonstrations of affection and love to be the centre of attention. Well, they can; you will be impressed to see these majestic animals enjoying this tickling and cuddling session so much. An activity to do in Dubai absolutely!

Info Atypique

Well-known thanks to the famous question of Trivial Pursuit, the difference between the dromedary and the camel is that the former has only one hump while the latter has two. But the name camel actually refers to a kind of the camelid family. The dromedary is therefore a camel that is sometimes called an Arabian camel to distinguish it from the Bactrian camel, which is native to Asia and has two humps. The animals you will encounter are therefore dromedaries or camels of Arabia!


Leave the hustle and bustle of the city for the calm of the desert.
Live an authentic moment away from the crowds of tourists.
Spend a privileged moment with these legendary animals.
Share your hostess's passion for the camels of Dubai (or rather Arabia!).
Drink the traditional cardamom coffee under a Bedouin tent.