Visa and other formalities

It is not necessary to apply for a visa before your departure for the Maldives. A visa will be issued free of charge for 30 days upon arrival at Malé Airport. For this purpose, you must be in possession of a passport valid for at least 6 months after the end of your stay in the Maldives and a confirmation of your hotel reservation.

The same goes for our French-speaking friends from Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada.

Before departure, it is preferable to ensure that the existing rules for entry into Maldivian territory have not changed. We advise you to scan or photocopy all your important documents (passport, credit card, insurance, airline tickets, etc.) and keep them separate from the originals.


What is the time difference between France and the Maldives? The islands of the Maldives stretch over an area of more than 800km North-South and nearly 130km East-West, and cover several time zones. Therefore, the time on the island where you will be is not necessarily the same as in Malé. The time difference between Malé and France is 3 hours in the summertime and 4 hours in the wintertime.
Send mail from the Maldives to Europe On average, it takes about ten days for your postcards to arrive at their destination. If there is no mailbox, you can deliver your mail to the reception desk of your hotel.
Using your phone in the Maldives It is not recommended to use your phone in the Maldives due to the very high cost of international calls and the inability to purchase a local SIM card. Therefore, it is preferable to use your hotel's WiFi to communicate with your family and friends.
WiFi and internet in the Maldives All the island hotels have WiFi connection.
Power sockets and adapters in the Maldives Depending on the hotels, an international adapter is required. We therefore advise you to bring one so that you can connect your devices to the wall sockets. The voltage and frequency are the same as in France (220-240 V / 50 Hz alternating current). All the island hotels have generators that operate 24 hours a day.

Maldives currency and exchange rates

The local currency of the Maldives is the Rufiyaa or Maldives Rupee (MVR). However, it is unlikely that you will see its color because payments in hotels are made in dollars (USD) or euros (EUR).

Vaccines in the Maldives

No vaccination is required for your trip to the Maldives but it is recommended you be up-to-date with your DTP (diphtheria – tetanus – poliomyelitis), as well as MMR (rubella – mumps – measles) for children.

However, for travelers from a country where yellow fever is endemic,  Maldivian authorities may require this vaccine.

There is no longer malaria in the Maldives and therefore no treatment is needed.