Embark on a traditional Omani dhow for a dream day in the heart of Oman's fjords. Observe sumptuous landscapes, swim with multicoloured fish and enjoy the dolphins that come to visit you. This cruise in Musandam will remain engraved in your memory for a long time!

As a couple, with friends or family, this cruise in Oman is for those who wish to take a break from nature and to relax during their stay in the Emirates.

On The Agenda

In the early morning, you will leave Dubai or Abu Dhabi for the Musandam Peninsula, an Omani enclave in the United Arab Emirates. Once there, you will embark on a traditional wooden boat. You will settle into the thick cushions on the floor and set off for a day you won’t soon forget in one of the region’s must-see places.

Open your eyes wide, breathtaking scenery awaits you! Mineral decor and mountains plunging into the sea; everything is calm and voluptuous. This is the ideal place to recharge your batteries and take the time to simply observe the landscape and enjoy the surroundings.

During your day’s sailing, you will see small fishing villages clinging to the foot of steep mountains that can only be reached by boat. The small traditional stone houses seem to come straight out of the 19th century and single out these small villages with centuries-old traditions from the rest of the region.

You will take advantage of this cruise in Oman to swim and observe the aquatic fauna with your mask and snorkel. If you feel like it, you can also go fishing by angling.

And if you are lucky, you’ll even come across dolphins!

Info Atypique

If you are adventurous, you can opt for a longer cruise with a night under the stars on the dhow or a creek.


Enjoy the calm of the place and have the feeling of being alone in the world.
Watch the dolphins racing with your dhow.
Dive into the crystal clear waters of Oman fjords to admire the fish.
Encounter people and exchange warm smiles.
Disconnect yourself from the hustle of the Emirates during this break, in the heart of a steep and wild nature.