Why not try another mode of transport to drive between Hue and Hoi An? This journey will not be like any other since you will be riding a motorcycle, widely used by Vietnamese people, behind an experienced driver.
Whether you are with your partner, friends, or with family, young and old alike will enjoy this experience in complete safety and discover the joys of a motorcycle getaway in Vietnam.

In  the past, there was only one winding road to connect Hue and Hoi An in Vietnam. It ran through the Cloud Pass and offered superb panoramic views, between the sea and the mountains. To connect these two cities, there is now a new road and a tunnel under the mountain. Although faster, this path is far less charming.
To reach Hoi An from Hue, we suggest you take this picturesque route through Hai Van Pass, Vietnam’s famous Cloud Pass, and enjoy a day of motorcycle excursions that will allow you to discover the main points of interest between the two cities.


Your pilots of the day will pick you up at your hotel. After some explanations and safety instructions, it will be time to get on your vehicle. Riding a motorcycle in Vietnam is an atypical way to explore the surroundings and you will appreciate the feeling of freedom that this mode of transport will offer you.

You will start by visiting the countryside around Hue and discover the Japanese Bridge Thanh Toan. Then, continue to the Hue Lagoon and discover the village of An Bang, nicknamed the Ghost City because of its stunning temples and tombs, each one more impressive and luxurious than the last.

Before you start to climb the Cloud Pass, you will stop at the Elephant Waterfall, named after the shape of the sculptures you can see there, and enjoy a refreshing break and swim.

The panoramas are superb and the view of Lang Co beach is particularly impressive.

Feel free to ask your driver to stop and take some pictures!

At the top, in addition to the view, you will discover Hai Van Quan, military vestiges built by the Nguyen dynasty and then used by the French and Americans.

You will then take the road again in the direction of Danang, a city in full development in which new international hotels are constantly being built. You will observe the famous Dragon Bridge, whose arches form the body of a dragon. Since the number 6 is considered lucky in Vietnamese culture, the bridge measures 666 meters, for a height of 66 meters, and consists of 6 lanes.

At about 30 minutes drive from Hoi An, you will make a stop to discover the Marble Mountains, which take their name from the marble that composes them. It is a popular site, but rightly so, as it houses several caves and pagodas, some of which are several centuries old. You can see beautiful altars and statues on the rock.

After this last stage, you will reach Hoi An, a beautiful small town full of history, marked by Japanese, Chinese, and French influences.  Your driver will drop you off at your hotel, and you will finish your day at your own discretion, with your head filled with memories of this beautiful day on a motorcycle in Vietnam.

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Riding a motorcycle in Vietnam can be surprising! Traffic laws sometime seem to be a very relative concept, but the Vietnamese are experts in this mode of transport and practice it perfectly. We sometimes observe strange cargoes: animals, mounds of cardboard boxes, building materials, bamboos several meters long, and we wonder how such a small vehicle manages to keep its balance under these loads! Also do not be surprised to sometimes see three, four, or even five people on a single motorcycle. It is the family vehicle, after all.

During this experience, you will be alone on your motorcycle accompanied by your driver, who will respect all safety rules.


Explore the Hue countryside
Experiment with a local mode of transportation
Discover the Cloud Pass in Vietnam and its superb panoramas.
Ride a motorcycle on one of the most beautiful roads in the country
Visit the Marbles Mountains and the cave temples