Travel around the capital of Vietnam in an unconventional way! Whether you are with your partner, with friends, or with your family of teenagers, a bike ride in Hanoi is the ideal way to discover the city off the beaten track. And to avoid a tiring visit and so that everyone can enjoy it to the fullest, we suggest you explore the old district of Hanoi and its surroundings on an electric bike.

Visiting Hanoi is always a highlight of any trip to Vietnam. The city is full of charm and hosts a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity. In the old district in particular, the change of scenery is significant: colonial buildings and Vietnamese architecture blend together, and street vendors, tourists, and scooters share the public space, creating a real plethora of visual experiences. Hanoi’s old district, with its street food stands, horn sounds, colourful houses, and food smells, is a place that will appeal to all your senses. If it is fascinating, it can also quickly become disconcerting and a guided tour is the best way to make the most of what the city has to offer.


In the morning, your local guide and electric bikes will be waiting for you on the shores of West Lake, Hanoi’s largest lake, which is home to a lively neighbourhood, much admired by expatriates and others. The local population also appreciates the lake, as they like to stroll along its shores and play sports in the parks that border it. It is also not uncommon to see fishermen.

This first walk will allow you to visit Hanoi in a different way and discover a district often ignored by traditional tourist routes.

Your guide will take you to the Island of Bananas, a stunning oasis of greenery a few steps from the city; its calm atmosphere and vegetation stand out from the bustle of the capital. Located on the Red River, the island’s main activity is agriculture, with market gardens and fruit trees, including banana trees. It also hosts some homes, which initially housed people from the surrounding provinces who came to Hanoi but could not afford to live in the capital.

It will then be time to go to the heart of the city, through the maze of alleys in the old district of Hanoi, to discover some of the city’s emblematic sites, such as Saint Joseph’s Cathedral or the Sword Lake.

Your guide will share valuable information and anecdotes about local culture, the history of the city, and the daily life of its inhabitants. Feel free to ask them questions!

You will continue your journey towards the West Lake, and stop at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, where one of the most important figures in Vietnam’s modern history rests.

This discovery-rich morning will end with a friendly meal. So, have we convinced you to try an electric bike ride in Vietnam?

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The Island of Bananas is overlooked at its southern end by the Long Bien Bridge. This impressive construction, spearheaded by France, dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The structure consists of two lanes for pedestrians and two-wheelers, and a central railway track, still in use today. For a long time it was the only bridge over the Red River.

While it has deteriorated and newer bridges allow all vehicles to cross the river, the people of Hanoi remain attached to it and see it as a true symbol of the city. Moreover, many young couples come to engrave their names on the bridge structure to immortalize their love.


Visit Hanoi effortlessly with the electric bike
Explore parts of the city unknown to travelers
Walk off the beaten track
Listen to an exciting guide
Take a break from the urban jungle, in the jungle of the Island of Bananas.