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Our team

The mission of our team is to understand what you are looking for, the motivations of your trip, and most importantly, your wishes and expectations in choosing to discover Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Maldives or Emirates.

We see each client as unique, and that is why we are attentive to your needs so that we can build a holiday that suits your wishes. The holiday will be at your rhythm and the objective will not be to follow repeated steps, but to indulge in the richness and diversity of the country. We design your journey in collaboration with you, according to your interests, and our deep knowledge of the island. We are well positioned to make suggestions for atypical and authentic experiences and we will take care of each step and detail of your stay.

Our team in Sri Lanka


Born in Sri Lanka, I followed my family at the age of six and settled in France. The arrival in Paris in the middle of December, the cold, the snow, the Christmas lights and the culture shock are childhood memories that I will never forget. From that moment on, travel and discovery took an important place in my life.

After my studies and several years of working life in France, the desire to travel led me to expatriate but with always, in the back of my mind, the idea of returning to live in my native country. To do this, I needed a solid project and I wanted to use my dual culture to make Europeans discover Sri Lanka differently in search of authenticity. The idea was there and at the end of 2011, twenty-four years later, I returned to Sri Lanka. After several months around the island looking for treasures to offer to travellers, I finally got my first clients and little by little word of mouth made its effect and, more and more travellers looking for authentic and off the beaten track stays contacted me.

It was time to formalize things and, in this process, Marjorie was my ally from the beginning. We took over offices and formed a small team. Today we are twenty-two people of different nationalities and backgrounds and we are opening a new agency in Vietnam. What a long way we have come in the company of our travellers!

I am happy to be able to participate in local life and to ensure that as many people as possible can take advantage of the tourist benefits thanks to Foundation Atypique. This was an important thing for me since my return to Sri Lanka and it has now been done. Whether it is through our solidarity treasures, whose aim is to encourage human exchanges between travellers and the local population while ensuring additional income for the inhabitants, or programs financed by the Foundation Atypique in the fields of environmental protection and improvement of the status of women, our goal remains to promote a different way of travelling that is respectful and beneficial to all.

That is why Voyages Atypique is not an agency like any other, but an authentic, humane and respectful agency of the country we make you discover.

See you soon in Sri Lanka or Vietnam!


Passionate about travelling, it is in Colombo that I settled down in 2013 after my studies in France and Australia, and my numerous travels across Asia. 

In Sri Lanka, I found certain aspects of India, a country where I lived and very much loved, but without the limitation and difficulties that you may encounter there. I loved discovering this country and its marvels before settling here for good. Today, I am still as enthusiastic as ever to share my knowledge about the island with our travellers.

My favourites in Sri Lanka

The tea plantation region for its mild climate and its endless greenery. Getting lost in the plantations, meeting the tea pluckers, or tasting tea in the ancient palace of the English Governor or in an old planter bungalow, are the experiences which will give you the impression of being transported back in time.

Sales Manager

After studies in tourism, events and communication, it is in Sri Lanka that I decided to settle down. Passionate about sports, adventure and culinary discoveries, Sri Lanka quickly became my favorite place. On both sides of the island, the variety of landscapes is breathtaking and the good mood of Sri Lankan makes me feel so happy!

My daily motivation? Share with you my passion for this country where I live and accompany you in creating your tailor-made trip.

My favourites in Sri Lanka 

Go through tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya, do a trek through the Knuckles, admire the sunset on the southern beaches, drink coconut water, learn Ayurvedic massage, and sleep in a Sri Lankan family.

Quality control manager

In love with nature and passionate about travel since my childhood. I have always dreamed of traveling the world, discovering new horizons and especially exploring wildlife in Asia and Africa.

Malagasy origin, it was in 2007 that I decided to settle with my family in Sri Lanka. After traveling this beautiful island over these decades, Sri Lanka never ceases to amaze me with the true treasure it overflows: its authentic villages, its ancient cities in the cultural triangle, its tea plantations and its animal reserves that I would like to share with you.

My favourites in Sri Lanka 

The big gathering of elephants in the Minneriya reserve from August to October, where it is possible to see hundreds of elephants drinking together around Lake Minneriya. An event not to be missed!

Production Manager

Passionate about travel and new discoveries, I had a real crush on Sri Lanka that I discovered for the first time during my internship year-end master's degree. This experience of 6 months had become a great adventure since I am now living here for more than 2 years.

The diversity of the landscapes, the mixture of cultures but especially the generosity and the smile of the Sri Lankans seduced me.

With the team Atypique Lanka, I will share with you my passion for this fascinating island, to make you live an unforgettable experience.

My favourites in Sri Lanka 

I particularly like the region of the mountains, where beautiful walks are possible.

I advise you to stop in the regions of Belihuloya or Hatton, less tourist, with enchanting landscapes. This is what will make you live a great adventure in Sri Lanka !


Marketing Manager

I have always been passionate about travelling. I love to travel to new horizons and discover new landscapes, new cultures, and meet new people. I have decided to leave Brittany and settle down in Sri Lanka to experience an enriching adventure both personally and professionally. What I like about this island is the hospitality of the local population, its natural and cultural richness, and the diversity of its landscapes. Sri Lanka makes us see all the colours!

My favourites in Sri Lanka

I love going on safari in one of Sri Lanka's national parks to meet the wildlife. It's always a magical moment to be in front of an elephant. It's like a child's dream come true! Sunsets are also one of my favourite moments, with their pink and orange colours that spread out in the sky, enough to end a day in the best way.

Travel Designer

Since my childhood my soul is on travelling. It is quite natural that at 18, I turned to the tourist sector. Since then, I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world and work mainly in Asia and Oceania. In harmony with the Asian culture and adept of "island vibes", I decided after Bali, to put my luggage in Sri Lanka.

My favourites in Sri Lanka 

Passionate about animals and concerned about ethical practices against them, my favorites are the natural parks, rich in flora and fauna, and the Millennium Elephant Foundation and the Elephant Freedom Project where respect for the animal is a priority.

Travel Designer

Given my passion for my country and the richness of its culture and landscapes, I decided very early on to work in the tourism industry so I could share this love with curious travellers who are keen to discover new horizons.

Always motivated and enthusiastic, I love to travel Sri Lanka in search of atypical locations off the beaten track. My latest find: a hidden temple in the tea plantation region, ideal for an introduction to meditation by a Buddhist monk!

My favourites in Sri Lanka 

Kandy, the religious and multicultural capital, as well as the magnificent beaches on the Southern coast.

Travel Designer

Proud of my country, I have been working as a travel agent specializing in Sri Lanka since 2015. Always motivated and enthusiastic, I like to travel around the island in search of atypical and off-the-beaten-track places.

My favorites in Sri Lanka

Galle, my hometown, with the visit to the old Portuguese fort and the superb view from the ramparts. Don't miss the chance to set foot in Galle!

Our team in Vietnam

General Manager Vietnam

A lifelong travel enthusiast, I decided to settle in Sri Lanka in 2017 after several months of travelling in Asia. After two very beautiful years in the pearl of the Indian Ocean, I had the opportunity to move to Hanoi to prepare the opening of our new office and to look for  more and more atypical hotels and activities.

The Atypique Voyages adventure is a great opportunity to share my passion and to help you realize your travel dreams. In my opinion, a successful trip is an alliance between the discovery of beautiful landscapes and the immersion into a new culture.

This is what has seduced me since I arrived in Vietnam: beautiful and unspoiled landscapes, between jungle, mountains, and rice fields and a rich culture, marked by many centuries-old traditions carried out by a proud and welcoming population. 

My favourites in Vietnam

I like to stroll and walk through the surprising landscapes. Also, cycling in the middle of the rice fields of Mai Chau or Hoi An is one of my favourite experiences. However, if I had to choose only one place in Vietnam, my favorite would be Phong Nha National Park, where jungle trekking and exploration of fascinating caves are the order of the day. Even after several expeditions in the region, the change of scenery is still as incredible as ever!

Operation Executive

After several years spent in a Vietnamese travel agency, I decided to join the Atypical Vietnam adventure. I wanted to evolve professionally in a more international framework and participate in the challenge of creating a new agency. It is a pleasure for me to contribute to the discovery of my country.

Thanks to my experience, I manage all the logistical parts of your trip, from the booking to the end of your stay, and make sure that you receive the best services from our partners, drivers, and guides.

My favourites in Vietnam

I particularly like the coastal areas of Vietnam: Halong Bay, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, and Phan Tiet, which have beautiful beaches. If you love the beach and the ocean, Phu Quoc is my favourite. It's a great place to relax. For me, it is a paradise island where you can enjoy the turquoise water, go snorkeling, try your hand at squid fishing, or taste delicious seafood.


Our logistic team

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